Server Information

Started on 2020-03-10, UneasyAlliance is a survival semi-anarchy server with minimal plugins. The only rules are no hacking and don't lag the server intentionally (lag machines). There are no teleport commands, homes or anything. It's purely vanilla like you would play in your singleplayer world.


Server was created 512 days ago.
World size: 166.81 Gb
Unique joined: 9615 Players


The minecraft server costs 85€ a month.
Intel i9-9900k
64 GB ram
2x 980gb SSDs in raid 0
1x 10TB HDD

* No admin interference with player or gameplay, lagmachine will still be removed and other type of exploit will be patch.


No lag machines or deliberate overuse of server resources.
No use of hacked clients, external programs, X-Ray texturepacks or radar.
No doxxing or real life threatening.
No use of exploits or duping.

Ban list

Frequently asked question

Will we update to 1.x.x when it comes out?
- Not directly due to incompatibility with some plugins and some performance. Paper also needs to update to 1.x.x and then patch for optimization, test for performance and stability. This could take 1 week to x weeks (There is no ETA).
Will the world ever be reset?
- No.
Are bans permanent?
- If you are caught cheating you will instantly be permabanned. You can only appeal this ban once in case you think it was an error.
How long has this server been online?
- The server was created March 10th 2020.
Are there any commands?
- Do /help for a list of available commands. Also do /rules.
I died because of a bug and lost my items, can I get them back?
- Write an appeal in the support server on discord explaining exactly what happened. We'll judge if you can be recompensated on something. Warning: 9/10 times we will NOT give anything back.
What is the server difficulty?
- Hard
Is an xray texture pack allowed?
- No, nothing which gives an unfair advantage over players playing purely vanilla.
Is duping allowed?
- No, duping is NOT allowed. Only rail, carpet and TNT-duping is allowed.
Is any mod/client allowed?
- Only the Badlion client, Optifine, shaders and litematica are allowed. Other minimap mods or mods in general are NOT allowed. If you have any questions about why these are allowed or why others aren't, ask staff.
What is the world border?
- 30 million.